By Bobi Tiglao

I cannot fathom why people, especially communists and media still listen to Joma Sison. He was in prison 9 years (captured 1977 by Marcos and released by Cory in 1986).

He has been in the Netherlands since 1987, or for thirty long years, or for most of his adult working life.

That means for 39 years he was either secluded in prison or enjoying a Dutch lifestyle.

How long siya nakikibaka with his comrades in Pinas?
Counting from 1968, when he founded the CPP, to his arrest in 1977, that’s just NINE years. And most of this time — from the declaration of martial law to his arrest — he was living very comfortably in safe-houses in Metro Manila, not even in provincial cities.

Contrast that to my old comrades ex-party chairman Benny Tiamzon and his wife Wilma Austria who spent 43 years in the urban underground (when they were members of the Manila Rizal Party committee) and then in the jungles as guerrillas until capture in 2014.

So this revolutionary leader — that’s what he calls himself — spent three-fourths of his “revolutionary” days not in the trenches of the Revolution.

And he has the gall to talk about undertaking Revolution in the Philippines?

And the foreign- and oligarch-financed Rappler published his long rant against the Republic’s President? Amazing.

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