Military intensifies moves against NPA anniv attacks

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has intensified security operations throughout the country to thwart any attempt by the communist New People’s Army (NPA) to conduct atrocities marking its founding anniversary on March 29.

Brig. Gen. Bienvenido Datuin Jr., AFP spokesman, cited previous atrocities launched by the NPA against government troops and even innocent civilians.
“The AFP is intensifying efforts to thwart possible attacks and atrocities by the NPA in line with their upcoming anniversary. The occasion is usually marked by their attacks against our people and vulnerable communities,” Datuin said.
In the past, Datuin noted that the NPAs have staged hostilities such as raids, ambuscades and sabotage against government troops, on public establishments and vital installations that severely affected innocent civilians.
“These attacks against our people are terroristic in nature and clear reflection of their true color as a criminal and terrorist organization,” Datuin said.
The AFP spokesman also blamed the communist for causing so much disturbances in the National Capital Region (NCR) by staging protest rallies.
“In the NCR they have staged rallies and protest actions that caused massive traffic that affected motorists and commuters. They have repeatedly done such actions that disturbed the peace of the place and pestered law-abiding citizens,” he said.
While there are no identified NPA members participating in anti-government rallies in Metro Manila, rallyists mostly belong to militant groups allied with the Left such as Bayan Muna, Bayan, Karapatan, Piston, among others.
Datuin did not particularly identify those he blamed for the disturbances.
The AFP spokesman stressed that the 125,000-strong military will remain steadfast in protecting peace-loving people against NPA atrocities anywhere in the country, as he urged the public to closely coordinate with government authorities.

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