More guns recovered from Sulu village chiefs

MANILA, Philippines — At least 11 rifles and various types of ammunition have been recovered from barangay captains and residents of a town in Sulu as the military intensifies it campaign against loose firearms.

The chairmen of Barangays Luuk Tulay, Sangkap, Nyog-Nyog, Kamawi and Andallan in Pata turned over an M16 and eight M1 Garand to the 31st Marine Company of the Marine Battalion Landing Team 1 led by Lt. Col. Stephen Cabanlet on Monday, Capt. Maria Rowena Dalmacio, director of the Marine Corps Public Affairs Office, said yesterday.

Dalmacio said two residents of Barangays Kawayan and Kanjarang also turned over a Garand and an M16.

“The series of civil-military operations in the area motivates local leaders to cooperate with the Marines to have a gun-free community,” Cabanlet said.

Maj. Gen. Alvin Pareño, Philippine Marine Corps commandant, lauded the troops and called on local government officials to help security officials ensure peace in Mindanao.

On Friday, Pata Mayor Anton Burahan and several barangay officials turned over a .50-caliber Barrett, four M16, three M14 and five Garand rifles; three 81mm mortar tubes, a recoilless rocket and an M79 grenade launcher with rounds of ammunition, assorted magazines and clips.

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Five M16-A1 and M1 Garand rifles as well as several magazines and rounds of ammunition were received by the 31st Marine Company in Barangay Saimbangon on Saturday.

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